Chrono-Logic, April 27, 2021

iAM4LANSA now supports LANSA v15

Chrono-Logic, a leading developer of IBM i, Windows and LANSA-based Application Lifecycle Management and productivity tools, today announces that iAM4 products now support LANSA v15: iAM4LANSA 11.0, iAM4Windows 7.0 and iAM4EndUsers 5.0.


The iAM4 products are completely integrated to LANSA internal structure on both the IBM i and Windows platforms. Having recently completed its beta program, this new version of the iAM4 software is now available for general release.


About Chrono-Logic


Since 1998, Chrono-Logic has developed productivity tools and change management solutions designed specifically for development teams using the IBM i and Windows platforms. All solutions offered by Chrono-Logic are completely integrated to the internal structure of the IBM i, easily configurable and can be adapted to any environment.

Montreal, Canada, November 20, 2017

Chrono-Logic Releases iAM4VisualLANSA 7.0

Chrono-Logic, a leading developer of Change Management and Deployment (CMD) Solutions, is announcing the general availability of iAM4VisualLANSA 7.0, which creates Windows deployment packages for LANSA-based client/server applications.


New Features


New features include more flexibility on compiling/deploying (or not) LANSA v14 new object types. This complete a full compatibility with LANSA v14 on both the IBM i and Windows platforms.


About Chrono-Logic


Chrono-Logic is an innovative software solution provider. Since 1998, Chrono-Logic has been developing productivity tools and change management solutions designed specifically for development teams using the IBM i Power System and deploying to multi-platforms. Chrono-Logic maintains close business relations with LANSA and to LANSA’s product evolution. This ensures that Chrono-Logic delivers solutions that benefit from the full potential of every new feature and version of LANSA through state-of-the-art design and LANSA interoperability.


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