Technical Evaluation «

Emphasis on security, business continuity and productivity being stronger than ever, Chrono-Logic works with development teams to understand specific issues, and demonstrate how iAM4 solutions can address those challenges and directly impact business. Based on best practices, Chrono-logic provides precise and fully documented reports on investigated technical issues.
Return On Investment Assessements «

Chrono-Logic offers a personalized evaluation of the ROI potential for an enterprise. Chrono-Logic analysts facilitate an assessment with your team to uncover areas where investment returns against the iAM4 software solutions are defined and measured. iAM4 Suite help companies meet today’s challenges by dramatically speeding up the process of developing and deploying applications, while increasing system availability and security. Through task automation, iAM4 frees System i professionals and IT staff from time consuming manual tasks while securing all environments from development through production, bringing a faster and more efficient ROI.

Total Cost of
Ownership Assessments «

Chrono-Logic can provide upon request a client-specific examination of the total cost of ownership of iAM4 solutions compared to an organization’s current solutions or competitive solutions. iAM4 suite is based on Lansa’s application development products and provides the structure for robust, and flexible systems that can be deployed to many platforms. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is by definition optimized.

TCO includes hardware and maintenance costs, software licensing costs, and administrative resource costs. Set up and implementation costs are also included.
End-to-End Software
Implementation, Configuration
and Management «

Chrono-Logic provides a focused approach to installing, configuring, and providing hands-on training for all iAM4 solutions. This enables customers to be up and running in a very short timeframe.

Each client is different. That’s why Chrono-Logic takes care in making sure that installation, configuration and training is fit for your organization's requirements and beyond.

Chrono-Logic’s seasoned professionals are IBM i and Windows platform experts. Their experience and know how facilitate and accelerate deployment in your organization supported by custom training and support.

Implementation «

Chrono-Logic works with your development teams to design a project plan, understand workflow requirements and define an implementation plan. Installing the software, training staff, and ensuring iAM4 solutions meet an organization's needs are all part of a successful implementation.