Fully automated
change management
The iAM4IBMi software provides the automation, tools, security and information needed to manage the entire application development, change history maintenance and distribution cycle. The iAM4IBMi software frees IT staff by automating time consuming manual tasks while securing all environments from Development through Production. Workflow with access control enhances security and contributes to comply with a variety of regulation.

The iAM4IBMi software is a client/server application that allows development staff to work in a Windows environment. The iAM4IBMi software is specifically designed for development teams using the IBMi server. It supports all IBM i native sources/objects like RPG, RPGLE, Cobol, PHP, .net, JAVA and IFS/QDLS documents/objects. The iAM4IBMi software also supports development tools like LANSA »(see details).

Key features
» Promotion/Deployment of IBMi native sources/objects are 100% automated
» Deployment to multiple IBMi target servers with a click
» Unique automated Impact Analysis Engine identifying all IBMi cross references and recreating them when and where necessary
» Automated backup and automated rollback if an error is detected
» Rollback after the fact
» Auditor reports on security, history and user access
» Security on objects by library, object type and reference object
» Support for multiple journals
» Support for data libraries (one set of programs and multiple sets of data)
» Allows definition of unlimited number of development processes
» Version control
» Powerful configuration and security options

Technical details
The iAM4IBMi software supports all IBM i source and object types. It is specifically designed for development teams using the IBMi.


Complete automation of transfer from one environment to another of IBMi sources and objects. Promote and deploy to multiple IBMi target servers with a click!

A single iAM4 Project can include IBM i native sources and objects and IFS/QDLS sources and objects.When using the iAM4Windows software, Windows sources and objects like dlls, .net objects, web pages, zip files, Word documents, in fact all Windows source and object types, can be added to that same iAM4 Project and deploy in the same processing as the IBM i sources and objects.

The iAM4IBMi software also allows centralized management from development to deployment on multiple iSeries and logical partitions (LPAR) with total control over update schedule and complete change history. Systems managers can use the iAM4IBMi software dashboard to verify status of all promotions The iAM4IBMi software displays this information using green, yellow and right lights allowing you to rapidly analyze deployment status to all target environments and IBMi servers. Systems managers never have to connect to remote IBMi servers as all action details are sent back to the iAM4IBMi software and can be accessed using the Windows interface. Optionnally deploy windows objects to windows servers in the same deployment processing.

Impact analysis engine

The Impact Analysis Engine is completely integrated to the promotion processing.

For each physical file included in a promotion, the iAM4IBMi identifies all related logical files. For each physical, logical, display or printer file included in a promotion and for logical files identified previously, the iAM4IBMi software identifies all programs (RPG, Cobol, RPGLE, …) using the selected files. The iAM4IBMi promotion processing can automatically:

• Recompile all identified cross references in the target environment so only the modified sources and objects must be included in the associated project

• Add all identified cross references to the package and promote these with the modified sources and objects. This option is used when promoting to target IBMi servers which don’t have an installed compiler.

The Impact Analysis Engine always makes sure that no level checks will occur when running the applications.

Tools - forecast

The Forecast Tool ensures that developers and analysts are able to rapidly identify all cross references implications of proposed changes without manual work.

Developers and Analysts would first identify which objects have to be changed. They then need to identify all related cross references. Instead of doing this work manually, they can use the Forecast Tool. This Tool uses the Impact Analysis Engine allowing developers and analysts to identify all cross references related to a group of objects and all this with a single click! The Forecast Tool can be executed against any environment on the development IBMi or on remote IBMi servers. Developers and analysts don’t even require an access to the remote IBMi as this is manage internally by the iAM4IBMi software.

» Accuracy in project estimates
» Deliver projects according to initial schedule
» Time saving, Increase productivity
» Deliver better quality software
» Eliminate human error

Automatic rollback

Business continuity is ensured by fully automated roll-back in the event of unexpected results from code changes. Before making any changes to the target environment, the iAM4IBMi software checks that no objects are locked. It then takes a backup copy from the target environment of sources and objects included in the promotion. After making the changes in the target environment, it makes sure that all sources and objects were promoted correctly and that all objects were compiled/recompiled correctly.

If an error is detected in the promotion processing, the iAM4IBMi software restores the backup copy to the target environment. No manual intervention is required as this is done automatically.

4W auditor reports

The iAM4IBMi software generates a complete history of changes (Who, What, Where, When) including reports for Auditors. Reports including the following details can be automatically downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet:

» WHEN: Specific date range
» WHERE: Single or list of target environments
» WHO: User id who requested the promotion and changes
» WHAT: List of all sources and objects that were promoted/changed

The most common example would be Auditors asking Systems Managers for a complete list of all changes made to production for a specific date range. This standard iAM4IBMi software report can be generated with a couple of clicks!

The iAM4IBMi software provides a layer of automation with workflow and access controls that allow IT staff to immediately improve productivity using best practices for managing processes internally.

Throughout the entire application development, maintenance and distribution cycle, the iAM4IBMi software automates and secures Change Management Tasks usually performed manually by Developers, Analysts, Systems Managers and Operators

Enhances security

Through tight workflow and access controls, the iAM4IBMi software efficiently manages all access rights to all environments including production by restricting a developer’s access to only the libraries and sources/objects relevant to their job

Automated task

Tremendous time gains are achieved with the iAM4IBMi software’s complete, reliable task automation. Less time is spent transferring, compiling and validating results, leaving more time for the critical tasks of software development & maintenance.

Eliminate human error factor

Forgetting to modify a file, not compiling properly or in the right order and other potential human mistakes, can be costly to organizations in terms of time and money. The iAM4IBMi software eliminates the risks of human error by automating tasks.

Contributes to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and more

The iAM4IBMi software helps achieve many compliance regulations by automating, managing and providing an audit trail for any processes, workflows, versions, distribution and release cycles required for IT best practices. Developer resources can be freed up, keeping them focused on development rather than complex audits.